What is the Cycle to Work Scheme?
The Government Cycle to Work scheme is a tax incentive scheme which encourages employees to leave the car at home and cycle to work. Under the scheme employers can pay for bicycles and bicycle equipment for their employees and the employee pays back through a salary sacrifice arrangement of up to 12 months. The employee is not liable for tax, PRSI or the Universal Social Charge on their repayments.

How does it work?
An employer signs up to the Bikes4work scheme with One4all and offers the benefit to their staff. An employee who wishes to use the service simply finds a bike and equipment from one of our many partner retailers, then submits the quote to their HR representative. Once approved by the company, One4all issues a Bikes4work card with which to purchase the bike and equipment.

Are there any benefits to using Bikes4work?
One4all Bikes4work hosts the widest range of retailers nationwide from which to choose your bike. Additionally, we can visit your workplace to introduce the Bikes4work scheme to your staff and explain how it works. The Bikes4work scheme is simple to set up and there are no additional charges for businesses wishing to offer their staff tax-free bikes.

Employer: How do I join the scheme?
Submit an application online or call our team on 01 870 8181.

Employee: How do I join the scheme?
Make a request to your employer that they contact us about joining the Bikes4work scheme. There is no charge to the business and it is quick and simple to get set up.

How often can I use the scheme?
Employees can benefit from a new tax-free bike and equipment once every four years

How much can I spend on my bike and accessories?
A bicycle and safety equipment can be purchased to the value of €1,250. Pedelecs, e-bikes and related safety equipment can be purchased to the value of €1,500. Anything above this amount can be added to from personal funds.

Can I purchase the bike myself and give my employer the receipt for it?
No, bicycles and equipment must be purchased using a Bikes4work card, once approved by your employer.

Do I own the bike straight away?
Yes. Once you purchase the bike using your Bikes4work card, it is yours.


What happens if my bike is stolen or accidentally damaged?
As the bike belongs to you, it is your sole responsibility. You may avail of the One4all Bikes4work scheme once in every 4 years.

What happens if I change employer during the 12 months?
If you change employer during the 12 month payment period, your employer will deduct the fund as per your individual agreement.

Is there a minimum number of days that the bike must be used?
There is no minimum amount of days a bicycle should be used. However, the bicycle must be used mainly for journeys to and from work or between work places.

Do I have to be a full time permanent employee to avail of this benefit?
You can be a full or part time employee to avail of this benefit, as long as your employer agrees to participate.

Can I bring my bike on a public transport system?
This depends on the public transport provider. Please contact the relevant provider for further details.

How much can I save?
Savings depend on your personal taxation. To get an approximate figure, please use our Bikes4work calculator on the home page, or see examples of how much you will save.

Can I buy a bike for my son/daughter on the scheme?
No. The purpose of the scheme is to encourage employees to cycle to work.

What happens if I injure myself and can’t cycle to work?
General allowances are made for unforeseen circumstances.

What if my employer is not yet operating the scheme?
An employee cannot avail of this tax-free benefit unless their employer is operating the scheme. Please contact your HR department to register your interest with One4all Bikes4work.

Can I use my original quote from Halfords to get a bicycle for a family member, partner or friend?
No. The bike must be used by you, mainly for commuting to work.

When can I collect my bike?
Your bike will be built and sized to you in store, so that it is ready to use immediately. If it is in stock simply present your One4all Bikes4work Card along with your original quote and a form of ID at your chosen bicycle store and you can take the bike home with you. If it is not in stock, you should request that your chosen bike be ordered in to the store.

What if my bike is faulty?
Most bikes come with a 12 month warranty, which means that all issues that fall within this warranty will be either repaired or replaced by the retail store where you purchased the bike, whichever is more appropriate.

If your question is not answered above, please email us at Custserv@one4all.ie using the subject line ‘Bikes4work Query’ and we’ll get in touch to help.